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Two Ripples

Pennsylvania water and wastewater ratepayers are seeing skyrocketing costs with no quantifiable improvement in service or infrastructure when their local utility is sold to a large for-profit, investor-owned utility.

These sales are driven by money; profits for the purchasing utility and large sums of money for the local municipality. The ratepayer has no say. The rights of the ratepayers are ignored by local politicians, our state legislators, the governor and the Public Utilities Commission.

Our purpose here is to educate the public, as well as local and state officials on the real effects of water and wastewater privatization.

Change will only come when the ratepayers are aware of what is happening and get involved by speaking out loudly against it.

For a high level review of the current situation in PA follow this link. For more detailed information follow the three paths below.

What's Happening in PA

Learn what is happening in PA communities, since the passage of predatory pricing legislation.

Big Water Tactics

Learn about the tactics used by Big Water companies and local municipalities to push through a sale with no oportunity for public involvement

What You Can Do

Learn how you can resist a Big Water takeover and hold your local politians accountable to you.

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