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New Garden provided us with a 2014 capital plan for the sewer system.  To summarize:

  1. There are 44 items totaling $10.5 million.

  2. One of those items was a $1.5 million “blue sky” capacity expansion without any specific timing.  This was probably a “maybe” project for the indefinite future.  Funding for an item like this should not be part of a capital plan.

  3. Nine items were “repairs” totaling $1.7 million.  This stuff might be needed, but should be on a maintenance budget, not a capital budget.

  4. The remaining 34 items totaled $7.3 million.  An approximate schedule was indicated: 

NGT 2014 Capital Plan Timing.jpg

That does not appear to support an immediate need for $12 million, even if the “repair projects were included. 

You can download the full eight page report using the following button:

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