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PUC Invites Public Comment on Proposals Seeking to Improve Public Awareness, Establish Greater Consistency in Evaluating Section 1329 Applications

In a notice published February 1, 2024, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is seeking input and comment on “several proposals geared toward increasing public awareness and establishing greater procedural consistency when evaluating the acquisition and valuation of municipal or authority-owned water and wastewater systems under Section 1329 of the Public Utility Code.”

This is a good sign that the PUC has begun to recognize the negative impact of Act 12 and its deficiencies in handling these cases. Any resulting action will not impact the sale of the New Garden Township sewer system, but it could help limit future rate increases in general, as well as help in efforts to save Chester Water Authority.

The proposed changes are intended to increase transparency and encourage public input during the sale process. The changes also address the valuation process used in determining a “fair market” value of the utility being sold.

To read the full request go to PUC Seeks to Enhance Public Notification and Application Review Procedures for Acquisitions of Municipal or Authority-Owned Water & Wastewater Systems | PA PUC.

The proposed changes are a good step in the right direction, but do not go far enough, particularly in recognizing that the sale price has become the driving force in these sales. Local municipalities are too often captivated by the large sum of money offered. This becomes the driving force, and a story is created to justification sale.

You can submit any comments directly to the PUC. As an alternative you can add your name to a sign-on letter we will submit. By signing the letter you show your support and demonstrate the broad interest in these issues.

Sing On Deadline has passed 

Thank you for your support

Sign the Letter

You can read and sign on to the letter here. The letter will be submitted on March 13.

To sign on, you will need to provide an email address. This is required purely to assure that you are a real person and to send a link when the letter is submitted. Your email will not be used or shared in any other way.

We have found that if you use a VPN it may block you from signing on. If this happens, please email us at and we will add your name to the list. 

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